Aquaculture Science & Commerce

A.R. Aquaculture Ltd. is a team of experts with vast academic and practical experience in the different fields of aquaculture and with different commercial cultivation methods. AR’s experts have successfully directed high-level enterprises for hatching, growing, processing, packaging and marketing fish. Our experts specialize in both of the two main categories of aquaculture:

  • Inland aquaculture – cultivation in ponds, reservoirs, lakes and rivers, and in intensive and semi-intensive systems.
  • Mariculture – cultivation in cages, both in protected coastal areas and in the open sea.

Protecting the Environment

A.R. is committed to protecting nature and the environment. We believe that environment-friendly products are essential for for everyone. The demand for them will ensure a cleaner and safer world for our children and future generations.

Company Vision

A.R.’s vision is to lead the worldwide aquaculture industry through focusing on profitable, sustainable and environment-friendly methods.