Management Team

Owners Profile

Miki Michaeli
Mr. Michaeli is involved with Aquaculture production and trade since 1979, and managed Israel’s largest fish farm as CEO for over 17 years. During that period of time dealt with genetic lines of several kinds of fish such as Tilapia, Carp, Red Drum, Grey Mullet and Sea Bass, and introduced several new fish species to the Israeli Aquaculture. Through his work Mr. Michaeli mastered with closed and semi closed production, incorporating brackish and fresh water, and fitting of production systems to meet market requirement. Miki has developed special fish feeding method, one that was shortly adopted by all aquaculture operations in Israel, which improved fish growth, and saved a great deal of resources. During his years as fish farm CEO, Mr. Michaeli has developed management concepts which optimize farm features with the cultural requirements of the farmed species. This concept was proved to achieve better performance of fish in ponds and reservoirs cultures, while reaching outstanding improvement of FCR, in relatively heavy densities of fish per cubic Meter. During those years, Mr. Michaeli established and managed an advanced fish processing facility, which processed over 7,500 tons of fish – fresh and frozen. Mr. Michaeli was a member of the Board of Directors of Israeli Aquaculture association for over 8 years, and have trained fish farmers in Israel and around the world (Australia, West Africa), using methods for growing fish in open and semi close systems in the most economic way for the farms, providing consultancy for.

Evyatar Snir
An aquaculture expert with over 30 years of experience, he is an expert in the planning, building and managing of fish farms, primarily in the field of marine aquaculture. He has worked extensively on sea fish reproduction and on ornamental fish in intensive systems. He owns and operates a farm for special types of ornamental fish in Israel. Evyatar has been commissioned to perform feasibility studies on new fish farms all over the world, and planned major organic fish farms in Vietnam. He is considered one of Israel’s foremost aquaculture experts, particularly in the area of cultivating fish in cage systems in lakes, rivers and the open sea. He has a B.Sc. in Biology and M.Sc.in Zoology, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His master’s thesis dealt with the giant river prawn, Macrobrachium Rosenbergii.

Omri Lev
Omri is the CEO of “Geva organic aquaculture” since 1999. The company based in Israel, and is an Organic producer and processor of tilapia and red drum for the premium markets of Europe with 20 years experience in the aquaculture and seafood production sectors. Includes all aspects of aquaculture production such as open ponds & dams, sea cages and circulated systems. Omri is one of the world’s pioneers/founders in organic aquaculture of Tilapia and Red Drum. Omri is a specialist for polyculture of Tilapia and Red drum in open ponds with vast experience with management of brood-stock, reproduction process and hatchery management and design and implementation of production standards for sustainable aquaculture production and processing. (Organic and production standards as well as HACCP and BRC) including all aspects of tilapia processing, packing and marketing for West European market. Co founder of “Organic Ocean” consultancy enterprise in 2006. Since then provided consultancy, production system design and Organic standard implementation trainings for Sea Bass and Sea Bream operations in Greece, Turkey and Albania, and for Tilapia production systems in Central America.