Inland Aquaculture



Ponds and Reservoirs

A.R.’S panel of experts has been raising fish in fresh and brackish water reservoirs for decades.
A.R.’S methods involve developing detailed engineering plans for the farm working at maximum efficiency and requiring the following:
  • Transporting the water to the farm.
  • Planning suitable pond depths and configurations while taking site weather conditions into account.
  • Creating proper pond bottom slopes for efficient drainage.
  • Constructing separate ponds for harvesting and storage.
  • Constructing reservoirs.
  • Actual planning of the farm only starts after an in-depth inspection of the site and a study of the project’s economic feasibility
  • All operations planned for the farm will use cutting-edge technologies to maximize the efficiency of farm operations.

Cages in Lakes

Raising fish in large reservoirs and natural lakes is very profitable, subject to an in-depth examination of environmental conditions and appropriate technology while maximizing the use of natural resources in an environmentally friendly manner.
Fish cages are chosen carefully and engineered for a specific project to make them a decisive factor in the cultivation’s success. Raising fish in cages requires much expertise in both cage operation and maintenance, in the use of advanced technologies, careful planning of the feeding operations, and the supervision and maintenance of water quality, to name a few.