Mariculture – the cultivation of fish in the ocean in Bays and offshore sites


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Bays and Semi-Exposed Areas

Cultivating fish in bays and protected areas allows for a significant increase in production, but it must be carried out in a manner which protects the environment from damage.
Another option is cultivation in cages in areas partially exposed to the open sea. The structure of the cages in this case must be tailored to sea conditions with a properly planned mooring system. This type of system allows farming in areas beyond bays, where the water quality is usually better due to a greater water exchange.


Offshore fish cultivation offers better growing conditions due to better water quality, but such systems require careful planning and mooring. The cage systems need to be submersible in order to escape powerful storms. Open sea cage culture makes greater demands on the farmers, but is definitely the global future of aquaculture.

Based on our extensive experience in mariculture, the A.R. staff will examine different options to find the best and most effective engineering and operative solutions for the commercial success of any project we undertake.