Proccesing and Packing Plants



Selection of Location

The location of these facilities is an important factor in planning the processing, packing, and shipping. There are numerous parameters for choosing the location for processing and packing plants, and considerable experience is needed in sorting through them. The siting decision influences profitability, quality control, and many other factors.

Adjustment to Target Markets and International Standards

Tailoring the end product to the target market, which includes processing and packing the fish, is a major factor in predicting the prices for the owners. Customizing the work and packing procedures to the demands of various markets, their health regulations and legal and marketing demands requires great flexibility and efficiency of the plants and strict quality control. This is turn has a major role in optimizing the markets which can be penetrated and the prices which can be achieved.

Technology and Equipment Selection

The marketing and sales plan determine the equipment necessary to process and pack the fish. Live fish (in a minority of species) can be marketed frozen, whole, filleted, in portions, and blocks.
Choosing the technology and processing methods will be customized to the availability and cost of manpower and the cost of the necessary equipment, taking all aspects into account.