Feasibility Study

An initial feasibility study is one of the key factors in the success of any project. A.R. experts will conduct an in-depth study, producing a detailed operational business plan. Our experts collect all the relevant information on the target fish market, the prices of feed, fingerlings, electricity and energy, manpower, weather data, logistical limitations, pertinent regulations and any other factors necessary for a comprehensive study. The feasibility study will encompass both the engineering infrastructure (buildings, access, electricity, and communication) and the biological infrastructure of the water and environment.

Business Plan

Based on the data revealed in the feasibility study, the goals of the entrepreneur and the approved budget, a detailed business plan for the project will be developed.

Regulations and Permissions

A.R. will provide professional assistance in the submission of plans and permit requests to the various governing authorities. Their experience with regulations and permission procedures will save precious time and resources, enabling the project to become operational faster and more efficiently.