Control of Water Quality

Water quality is a critical factor in fish farming, both on land and at sea. Inspecting, monitoring and controlling the water quality will help determine the growth rates and food consumption of the fish, and directly impact the success of the project. Water quality will also influence the health of the fish and their quality at harvest.

Control of Fish Health

The A.R. staff specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of fish diseases. The various causes of disease can damage fish growth rates, cause chronic mortality, and high total mortality rates at the farm. This specialized team maintains constant ties with many experts on fish diseases throughout the world.

Data Control

Continuous monitoring and collection of data is one of the most effective and indispensable tools at the disposal of farm owners and growers. With the help of professional management software, large amounts of data can be gathered throughout the cultivation process. These data facilitate the drastic improvement of fish breeding; the early detection and control of fish diseases; the preparation of accurate, real-time reports for shareholders; and a fuller understanding of the processes occurring in the growing systems.