Broodstock Selection

Along with gathering relevant data concerning the water quality and infrastructure, we will examine the factors relevant to choosing the right fish for production in the system. The choice is based on the expected growth performance according to the existing field conditions, and market prices. The price of fish depends on many factors, therefore the choice of the proper genetic line requires a complex and professional analysis projected over the long term. A.R.’s staff has dealt extensively with genetic breeding and practical research.


Technology and Equipment Selection

Through their lengthy experience in the field of aquaculture, A.R.’s experts have established a network with leading international manufacturers of equipment and facilities. Customizing the equipment to the work environment is a major factor in the effectiveness and success of the project. A.R.’s knowledge of available equipment and facilities is thus strategically important.


Feeding Technology Selection

The planning of storage systems, transportation, and appropriate feeding equipment are some of the parameters which require careful consideration for the long term. The relevant factors include the investors’ budget, the engineering infrastructure of the farm, area conditions and weather, manpower and its proficiency, support and backup services.